Kickboxing, MMA, Heavy Bag, Judo and Muay Thai competition fight training classes lessons at Nakama Gym Harderwijk and Ermelo

The origin of NAKAMA-Gym finds its way out of the Japanse word. People around John shared his love for martial arts (kickboxing and later also MMA), but most of the time they did not feel the right ambiance at the gyms where they were training. That’s when John decided to start his own trainings in Ermelo with a few people. Some people left the group because it was not what they were looking for. But the group that stayed remained true to what they believed:

“Growing into a gym with its own location”

As time went by, more and more people (friends of friends) started to join. Those who wanted to see and taste the atmosphere in the group. Many of these friends stayed and brought their own people with them. Inside NAKAMA there are many mutual friendships that bring a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. We encourage each other to get the best out of ourselves and pursue our goals.

Regularly, we look back on people who have not joined the group through friends, but on their own. It’s good to see that they are so openly received and feel part of the group.

NAKAMA was founded on January 1, 2011

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