Kickboxing, MMA, Heavy Bag, Judo and Muay Thai competition fight training classes lessons at Nakama Gym Harderwijk and Ermelo

What is Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)?
MMA is nothing but a mix of different martial arts. MMA has been created by combining different techniques, a martial art is very effective and complete. The underlying idea is that the MMA practitioner will become stronger not only on the mat or in the ring but also while facing problems in daily life.

Self-control, respect, correct behavior and loyalty are important to us. Our MMA training consists of a warming up, technical training, sparring with other practioners and a cooling down.

Phases within MMA

  • MMA is divided into 3 phases: the free movement phase, the clinch phase and the ground phase
  • The free movement phase consists of standing fighting techniques, including boxing and karate techniques
  • The clinch phase consists of clinching and throwing techniques, including Thai boxing or wrestling
  • The ground phase consists of ground fighting techniques, including Brazilian jiu jitsu or judo

For who is MMA?

Our trainings are very suitable for people who are not experienced with MMA, but also for advanced people. The goal of our method is to educate everyone who is interested in MMA as widely and completely as possible. Our group consists of beginners, recreants and advanced people. Participants must be 15 years or older. Minors can only participate with written permission from their parents/caregivers.

Have you become enthusiastic about trying this sport?

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