Kickboxing, MMA, Heavy Bag, Judo and Muay Thai competition fight training classes lessons at Nakama Gym Harderwijk and Ermelo

Kickboxing at Nakama
Ladies ONLY, kickboxing for youth (from 5 years), kickboxing for recreationalists… this is just a small summary of the training we offer in the field of kickboxing. As NAKAMA Gym, we stand for high quality, which is reflected in our training methods and techniques.

That’s why we dare to call ourselves the BEST in the region in the field of kickboxing.

Kickboxing Recreational (FOR YOUTH & ADULT)

Training how to kickbox is just like learning how to drive. You first have to know where the brake and steering wheel are before you can fully throttle the accelerator pedal! Learning how to kick, punch and how to use your knees. It seems like a lot, but it is all about a very logical training method.

Of course it is also required to have a good endurance. But no worries, these trainings will help to build that up. Leaving the gym with a dry t-shirt is something that won’t happen soon!

Muay Thai/Kickboxing is a contact sport. Therefore, it is mandatory to wear kickboxing protection material during each training session. Shin guards, mouth guards, gloves, you can buy material or ask advice at the gym. The safety of the participant is always our priority, regardless of your level!

Kickboxing for competitions (FOR YOUTH & ADULT)

In addition to just learning how to kickbox, we also offer the opportunity for the real daredevils to train to fight in the RING. We do this as a team because that is the power of Nakama. One person alone does not make you a champion. It is required to take special trainings for competitions. But also when you just want some extra challenge, it is possible to go to these trainings. Together, we take cake of a high quality of training to get the fighters ready for their spectacular adventure.

Women’s kickboxing

Have you always wanted to kickbox, but was the threshold too high because of the presence of big strong men? Then these lessons may be something for you.

The group is low-threshold and has a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. The lessons mainly consist of dynamic training, in which kickboxing techniques are combined with intensive cardio training. Ideal for learning how to defend yourself and becoming fit and strong. Kickboxing strengthens your fitness, self-esteem and agility. In addition, you work on your muscles that will receive more strenght in every lesson.  

Have you become enthusiastic about trying this sport?

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