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Kyokushin karate is more than a sport! It’s a part of your life… A karate training consists of techniques that make you both physically and mentally stronger. NAKAMA is a gym where people come together to be active in sports. This sport is good for both recreational and competition-related practice.

Kyokushin-karate is known as “strongest karate”, because of the competitive-fighting method, which is based on “full contact”. This means that in a competitive form punches to the body and kicks to the head are allowed, suitable for both men and women. With young people, the rules are different due to health considerations/reasons.

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The Kyokushin background

Kyokushin-karate was first introduced in the Netherlands in 1961 by the “Dutch Karate Association”. The NKA (Dutch Karate Associaton) is affiliated with the international organization IFK “International Federation Karate”, led by Hanshi Steve Arneil.

Kyokushin-karate can be divided into the following disciplines:

  1. Technical
  2. Kumite (fight)
  3. Stamina (endurance)


These are walking forms that have been handed over during the years to continue practising self-defense techniques. At each grade there is a kata being taught which becomes more and more specialised in every grade. With the aim of developing your own kata in the third grade or at an exam.

Bunkai gives explanations about how the techniques in karate are meant. This consists punching, kicking and defending. Many exotic techniques are used in a kata. But how can you explain them logically? That is what Bunkai’s about.

Syllabus is about learning how to punch, kick and defend in a stagnant form. The higher your grade, the more specific the syllabus.

This is the basis of Karate. If this is not correct, the rest of your karate will not work out either. It is important to learn the basis of punches, defenses, kicking and especially the positions. This can be possible in both a stationary and a stagnant form.


This is where kick- and punch techniques are being taught, those will be applied in the dojo kumite, competition kumite or as self defense. The techniques are learned in a pattern where you can prepare and understand how to apply them.

Dojo kumite
In the Dojo you fight together. This can be in a technical or hard way – which means full contact. But it is important to fight with respect. The intention is to learn from eachother in a respectful way.

Competition kumite
This is a competition which requires extra training. The Kyokushin karate and the competitions are hard. Obviously this is bound to rules! Competitions are in different weight classes. For both men and women, youth and adults. The competitions are held under the supervision of experienced referees and acknowledged doctors/physicians. There are competitions for both beginners and advanced. Both require  good preparing which is, of course, taken care of.

Self defense 
It´s a fact that you can learn how to defense yourself in karate. This is the essence of karate. But the intention is that you learn it because of self defence and not to provoke it yourself! Karate is a hard but respectful sport. Make sure it stays that way.


Karate is also about fitness, strenght and endurance! By means of conditional training, your endurance will be tested with the purpose of improvement. With muscular fitness, strenght and intervaltraining.

There are various training courses that are linked to karate. The goal is also to make you physically and mentally stronger. Pads, ropes and weights are used, in combination with a lot of other fun materials.

The meaning of Kyokushin

'Kyoku' means the utmost

This means that you want to get the most out of every situation by continuing and giving everything to reach the point you want to achieve.

'Shin' means the truth

This means that you can only achieve it with strong discipline and the right mentality. You have to face facts without haggling, and when you can achieve this, it will strengthen your confidence.

'Kai' means working together

This stands for working together in the right relationship and always with respect for everyone´s point of view. Respect is an essential part of the relationship with every human being.

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