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Heavy Bag Training
The Heavy Bag Training is a complete full body workout that lets you work on both your body and mind. The heavy bag can be seen as the cardio equipment we know in regular fitness, only the training intensity is higher because of the measured interval periods.

These trainings are given by the trainer in different training and boxing combinations. During the training you work alone or together, on a large boxing bag of 180cm long and 60kg heavy. In addition to improving your endurance, the Heavy Bag training will help improve your boxing techniques. The training is good for both beginners and advanced people. You can decide yourself how intense your training will be.

For a relatively simple way of training, it offers amazing benefits. Whether it’s about a full-body workout, to sharpen your self-defense skills or working on a muscular body. As a result, the Heavy Bag can be a valuable addition to your life.

In summary

  1. It improves the conditional (Aerobic) fitness
  2. It improves your muscle (muscular) strength
  3. It improves your coordination & core stability
  4. It improves your bodyshape
  5. It improves your boxing techniques
  6. It offers relaxation and reduces stress
  7. It helps to lose weight

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