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Judo with care is for people who need some extra “care”, whether this is physical, mentally, about a multiple limitation or when you just need some more time and attention. Judo is a sport where physical contact is very normal, but you are not allowed to hurt eachother. The rule therefore is: ‘Judo is nice without pain’.

Participants learn how to work together on the judomat, how to respect each other, to have fun while moving together and they work on increasing their self-esteem.

Nakama gym is familiar with various disabilities:

  • People with physical or mental disabilities
  • Overweight people
  • Social and emotional development
  • Motor development
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • ADHD
  • Visual disabilities

What is judo?
Judo is a sport for everyone. For young and old, for boys and girls, for everyone. Thousands of judoka’s practice the judo sport with enthusiasm every week. Judo was developed by Jigoro Kano (1860-1938), from the traditional Japanese fighting art Jiu Jitsu. Judo was not just a sport for the pedagogue Kano. He considered it primarily as an educational method. As Jigoro Kano once said, “You can only learn judo by doing it!”

Each judo lesson starts with a warming up, which can take various forms such as running and executing commands or by playing fun games, where different aspects of judo come by, such as rolling, learning how to fall without fear or pain. The judoka’s learn throws and grips and learn how to develop on a socially emotional level. Under the guidance of a professional judo teacher, you will be acquainted with this beautiful sport.

A summary of the Judo bond
Judo with care is an intervention of the Judo Bond Netherlands (JBN). The methodology Judo with care is offered from two angles within local collaboration with education, care and/or the government by recognized JBN teachers and affiliated JBN clubs. On the one hand, Judo is in charge of special lessons for the introduction of judo, jiujitsu and/or aikido. (hereinafter referred to “judo”), on the other hand, it is (structurally) applicable to special education and youth care institutions where (parts of it) can be used as part of a treatment plan.

Judo with care focuses on children and youth from four to eighteen years old for whom sport participation is not always self-evident. Judo scored as one of the top five most sought sports in special education at the level measurement of the Special Heroes program. This prompted Judo to be offered nationwide on a large scale within special education. From a ten week series of introduction lessons, the JBN saw a development of structural offers. Various clubs have started new classes for specific target groups, and examples are known in which, in conjunction with Special Heroes, new clubs or dependances were established. This transforms the temporary offer into a structural follow-up. “A good educational environment is a condition for teaching children who are struggling with movement activities.” An important requirement of the JBN is that all judo students are being teached by JBN trained and licensed teachers, so that the lessons are taken from an educational and didactic point of view.

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