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What are emotions?

An emotion is often described as an inner experience or feeling of, for example, joy, fear, anger or sadness that can be evoked by a certain situation or can occur spontaneously.

Emotions are not only associated with subjective, but also with physical reactions and certain expressions in behavior.

These can be big, special events, but also less big everyday things where tension rises and is expressed through fear, sadness and / or anger.

Many people can handle this and it does not give any problems, but this is not the case for everyone, for whatever reason. Then it is not possible to keep these feelings under control. In daily life we ​​have to deal with different situations and they can evoke different reactions (emotions) per situation. Emotion Regulation Therapy (ERT) can help you with this.

At ERT there are 3 things that are essential:

  • Recognize the feeling
  • Recognize the feeling
  • Dealing with the feeling


See also Aggression Regulation Therapy (ART).

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