Kickboxing, MMA, Heavy Bag, Judo and Muay Thai competition fight training classes lessons at Nakama Gym Harderwijk and Ermelo

John Kuipers (1987) is working in a creative, energetic and innovative way. In his work and as a human being, you notice that he is driven by “where there’s a will there’s a way”. And if it does not work out how it should? “Then it’s just what it is.”

John is a trainer in heart and soul, who is always in search of finding the strength in people.

For 20 years, he is active as an athlete in Japanse martial arts. He integrates the philosophy of his sports in his work as a trainer. “In martial art, it’s about the balance between your body and mind. In order to perfect himself to a harmonious person and thereby contribute to the prosperity of all people”.

John is not made to sit still. In addition to all his sports, John has followed a program of SPW (Social Pedagogical Worker), gaining experience with various target groups, ranging from children with behavioral problems to people with mental disabilities. He himself started a judo group for this target group in Harderwijk. In addition, he used to train at the gym in Putten where he received the discipline of judo, led by Jan Lijenaar. Later, he made a transfer to Chikara Amersfoort, where Kyokushin (known as the hardest “full contact” karate) was taught.

John is still busy learning new techniques and improving in being a trainer. He is currently training in Hoorn at Clyde Petres (Dutch and European champion in Kickboxing).

Jita Kyoei

What means: prosperity and general well-being;
A saying by Jigoro Kano (philosopher and founder of Judo)

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